We are open from January to December.  We are open ALL school holidays except December holiday.  A letter will be sent out informing parents of closing times in December holidays.

We are available from 06:30 in the mornings until 17:30 in the afternoon,  we are here for your child/children, please make sure you are not late in the afternoons as we also have families that need our love and attention at night. Any child/children fetched after 17:30 will pay an additional fee of R50.00 per half hour which will be payable on collecting your child



Sugar and preservatives plays a big role when it comes to concentration levels, the more sugar and preservatives, the less our children concentrate.

A yogurt a day keeps the doctor away...  please make sure mommy does not forget to pack a yogurt daily. 


Neatness:    Please make sure your child/children have got an extra set of clothes to change into in his/her bag, in case of an accident, Please mark all clothing for identification.



You have to sign your child/children out every day.  When parent/parents are unable to collect their child/children, please advise who will be collecting the child/children prior to them being collected. If it is not arranged, your child/children will not be able to leave the day care premises. 

I need all parents assistance in this regard as there are strange people around us and not everybody can be trusted.


If your child is sick and needs to take medication during day care hours please mark your child/childrens medicine clearly and the dosage that needs to be given to the child/children.  Parents will be notified as soon as there is a fever and/or child/children are feeling ill. The day care personnel cannot take a sick child to the doctor, therefore when a parent is notified of their childs condition, the parents should arrange to have their child/children taken to the doctor as soon as possible.